A Wrinkle In Time–My Botox Lines

10 Nov

While I’m waiting for a few experts to help edit some skin-care specific entries, I thought it’s about time to introduce my favorite pharmaceutical–Botox Cosmetic.  One in four women over the age of 30 is interested in learning more about Botox, so you are not alone!!!  Not only am I user of Botox, but I am also the President (of it’s fan club), and a provider of this fountain of youth!  I consider myself an expert of injection techniques, the product’s history and safety information.

Isn’t it Botulism:

No!  Botox, or onobotulonium toxin, is a protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and is considered a powerful neurotoxin.  When injected into the muscle in small doses, it has a relaxing effect.  Have you ever taken penicillin?  Did you know that it is derived from mold?  But it’s not mold.  All medications come from somewhere.  Both penicillin and Botox are pharmaceutical drugs, they both come from natural organisms, and they are both safe when used in a proper manor.

What will it feel like:

Most patient’s claim it hurts less than waxing.

Where does it go:

Botox is injected into the muscle, which is under the skin.  There are many different muscles in your face, and each have antagonist and agonist roles (push and pull).  In order to get rid of certain lines, an entire muscle group may need to be treated.

Are results immediate:

It takes 2-14 days to see the full result of Botox.

Will you look like plastic:

Botox is dose dependent, and results are based on the amount of product used.  Our office treats every client on an individual basis.  A minimum dose of Botox is used for each client to avoid the “plastic” look.  Please refer to the satisfaction survey diagrammed to the left.  Please also note that 9% of the population is never satisfied with anything.  Therefore I give Botox a 100% satisfaction guarantee, but I am slightly biased.  🙂

How long will it last:

Botox typically lasts 3-6 months, depending on the treatment dose and how your body responds.  If you choose to not continue treatment, your skin will go back to normal; however, when you decide you love it (which you will due to it’s 100% satisfaction rate), you should keep up on treatment when you see movement return.  The more you keep up on your Botox, the longer it lasts.  Why?  Think about when you go to the gym and you get really strong arms… and then you stop going and the muscle dies because you aren’t using it as much.  Same idea with your facial muscles.

Is it safe:

Botox is very safe when administered by a trained medical professional.  It has been used medicinally for over 50 years.  It would take over 300 times the dose used in cosmetics to be dangerous to your body.   The American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s logged Botox Cosmetic injections as the leading minimally invasive procedure for the last few years, with 5.4 million treatments last year, so somebody’s doing it (actually 5.4 million people are doing it!).  My client’s biggest complaint:  I wish I had done this sooner!

Botox for Migraines:

I bet you didn’t know you could use Botox for migraines!  Botox was FDA approved for Migraines on October 10, 2010. Eight out of 10 people found the number of headaches they had to decrease AT LEAST 30% and the severity of the headache to decrease by over 70% as well.  Studies show Botox not only helps with Migraines, but other types of severely painful headaches as well.  Also, Botox is non-addicting (technically) and non-habit forming like many migraine treatments are!  Yay Botox for migraines!

I’m sure you all have many more questions about the wonders of Botox, so stay tuned!

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  1. Daniela November 12, 2011 at 10:00 am #

    Great article and writing Laura. Keep the info coming!

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