My Skin Is Glowing (and no, I’m not pregnant).

10 Jan

Sorry Mom.  I work too much.

Life is busy, especially during the holidays.  I’m sure you feel me on this.  Work parties, finding perfect gifts for people, standing in lines, driving to far off relatives in New Jersey.  We all have some added stuff on our plates and we get so busy with pleasing others, sometimes we neglect ourselves.

I think I’ve made my point a billion times about how important it is to see an aesthetician (Step 1: See a Professional) and have regular facials and use good skin care products (Step 2: Spend wisely.).  And I can honestly say, I was not looking so good after last month!  My skin was starting to look a little dull, my pores were clogged (falling asleep with my make-up on, too tired to take it off… we all do it), I was looking a little dehydrated, and I needed some help.  Thank god a client cancelled today and I was able to spend some time with Christine, the new aesthetician at Pure (

“You need a Micro-derm,” she told me, “and an Ultra-sonic.”


Christine explained step-by-step what she was doing during my micro.  I love it when people tell me why they do things.  It gives purpose… who wouldda thought!


Christine was thrilled to tell me about her machine (I also love people who get excited about what they do–like me!).

“It’s great for everyone she said.  Unless you have a pacemaker, because it can interfere with the settings.”  (I’m guessing not many people reading this blog have pacemakers though…) 

Who is Everyone?

From Acne prone (me) to Rosacea to Aging, literally this treatment is good for everyone.  It is safe for all classifications of skin types, and all sensitivity levels.

What is it?

This non-invasive treatment uses low frequency ultra-sonic waves and gentle distilled water bubbles to clean the build-up inside the pores to make it easier for extraction and product penetration in three steps.

Step 1:  The ultrasonic vibrations spin the water molecules at high frequency, which gently loosens and removes oil, dirt, and build-up.  Pores diminish in size and bacteria levels are reduced.  Because it is ultrasound and water, it is gentle and perfect for sensitive skin.

Step 2:  Infusion of products via low frequency ultrasound waves, which stimulates skin to produce collagen and elastin (structure of skin) to help fine lines and wrinkles and restore glow.

Step 3:  Low levels of electrical current reaches injured cells and restores them.  Promotes cellular growth, reproduction, and protection from environmental damage (i.e. AGEING factors).

My skin looks smoother, healthier, and glow-y-er.  Oh, and younger.  🙂

* It’s kind of hard to show the glow with a picture from my Droid, which I have no idea how to use… and daily want to throw it out of a window.  Daily.

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