Keratin. By Angel.

19 Feb


What is keratin and what’s the big deal?

Keratin is fibrous protein found in the outer layer of skin and in hair, nails, feathers, hooves… Ok, not really expecting the hooves and feather part… Anyways… Keratin Treatments are a commonly known, in-salon service for your hair. We’ve all seen the Pantene Pro-V commercials where it shows the hair shaft with damage from heat and chemicals. Salon treatments of Keratin restore these damaged areas. This strengthens the hair shaft, preventing breakage.

My Personal Experience

My personal experience with Keratin is with the brand- Coppola and I can’t say enough good things about it.

3 Reasons – Keratin by Coppola changed my life


  1. Have you ever seen a lion, that was me without Keratin enough said.
  2. Rainy days used to be sick days; I didn’t want to scare the general public with my crazy hair!
  3. Any type of water, summer activity was banned for me. See how Keratin can change your life!

Keratin by Coppola

There are two types of Keratin Treatments by Coppola. The Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Keratin Express Blowout are both great options for people with frizz, damage, and curly hair. This product will reduce the frizz, help repair the damage, and calm down some of your curl. These are not relaxers, and your hair is not going to be super straight post treatment. People with normal to thick hair might find the Keratin Smoothing Treatment a better fit for them as people with thin to fine hair find the Keratin Express Blowout a better option. Ask your stylist which one would be a better fit for your hair.

 The Keratin Smoothing Treatment

The Keratin Smoothing treatment is done in salon. Hair is washed with a special Keratin Shampoo. The hair is then blown dry and the Keratin Smoothing Treatment is applied, and left on for about 35ish minutes. Your hair is then blow-dried again (with the treatment still in), and flat ironed with a 450 degree flat iron. The treatment is left in your hair for 3 days. It is then washed with a special Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner.

The Keratin Express Blowout

The Keratin Express Blowout is also done in the salon. Hair is washed with a special Keratin Shampoo, and product is applied to the hair. The hair is then blown-dry and flat ironed. Eight hours after the treatment is applied, the hair is then washed, but I suggest waiting 24 hours and then you’re good to go.

Post Treatment

You MUST use a Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner! Now, you can use pretty much any sulfate-free shampoo…but why would you pay the money for the service and cheap out on the shampoo?!

Now that your Keratin service is done, your hair should feel silky, smooth, shiny and help repair damage. You’ll be able to blow-dry your hair in half the time – it’s amazing! It can rain outside and you won’t need to hide, you can go in water and not have your hair FREAK out and turn all lionesses on you while at the pool or beach. The product should slowly start to release itself from your hair the more you shampoo, so try to go every other day to get longer results.

Rumors, Rumors

Ok, I know the formaldehyde rumors. Formaldehyde is a chemical widely used in manufacturing and household products. Some Keratin treatments contain 0.2% or less of this chemical. I’ve been doing the keratin for a few years now I haven’t grown a tail, extra toe or horns. Coppola claims their product does not contain formaldehyde, which is one of the reasons I prefer this product.


Keratin is just a generic treatment term – it is not a brand. There are hundreds of Keratin brands out there, and it’s important to find out what your salon is using. Keratin treatments range from $25 to $400. If you are getting charged $300 for the service, make sure you are paying what the treatment is worth!

The hair industry is built off word of mouth. If you are in the market for a good Keratin treatment, get recommendations from your friends and co-workers. PLEASE do not buy a discount deal and expect glamorous results. Invest your hair. It is one of the most important features to a woman! In fact, it is widely considered the most important feature to our self-image!

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