… Just Another Normal Day at JAR

9 Mar

While at Dr. Russo’s office, I had the opportunity to be a model for a training in Ultherapy!  You never know what’s going to happen when you’re hanging around the plastic surgeon’s office!  I love trying new things.  Call me adventurous… call me crazy… whatever… I’m lookin’ like a 22 year old forever.  Viva la Joan Rivers!

Ok, but seriously, I’m not crazy vain.  I just like to “sample the product” if you will.  I mean, you wouldn’t sell Chevy and drive a Ford right?  Ok, I wouldn’t drive either of those cars…because I love my Nissan, but… I would do Botox and I would Ulthera my neck.  In the name of Science of course.

ewww look at my neck! when did that happen!

So first I was marked on my neck and face.  Ulthera cannot be performed over the thyroid, so my thyroid was marked as well.  Then we took some super sexy pics of me.  I would like to just make a note… I was on my way to see Lauren at Sylvestre Franc’s in Newton.  Do not judge me for my roots.  Thank you!  Also, I put the bad pictures up so you can really see the difference.

Because Ulthera has both immediate and gradual results (from the collagen stimulation) pictures will remind you exactly how much of a change you’ve had.  Because sometimes we forget what we look like!

Julie, a nurse at Dr. Russo’s, did an amazing job explaining the procedure to the girls training on me (she trained me in the procedure as well).

Julie starting the machine

First they did my neck.  Uncomfortable.  It was a very strange sort of quick zap with a heat sensation as we got more into the procedure.  I have an extremely high pain tolerance, and the neck didn’t bother me.  The lower face though… that hurt.  In areas where the heat is being transduced directly over bone, like at the jaw line, ZING.  Beauty is Pain.  Beauty is Pain.

My friend Matt said I look like a dead fish in this picture!  I guess I kind of see it….?

I was only able to do my lower face, because I had a date with my colorist and I was already late (sorry Lauren, I love you!).  But all my patients said the worst pain is on the forehead, because there is very little tissue between the transducer and the temporal bone.  So of course, I had to know what it compared to.  It was not too much more painful than the jaw line or near the cheek bones.  But then again, it was only one zap as opposed to ten!

I left JAR and went to Sylvester’s.  Zero downtime.  A little bit of redness, but not much.

My face felt a little sore to the touch for a couple of days after.

Here are pictures from a few days later, at an Image Event.  Remember, I do these things preventatively and to provide information to all of you.  I will have posts to come with other patient’s experiences! 

Laurie and I (she’s done it too!)


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