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23 Apr

I did an interview with Jen Dorman for (check it out!) and I think it came out so good that I’m just reposting it. It’s been such a busy week, and I have all these before and after posts coming!!! Also, please come to my seminar at Cynthia Rowley on Newbury Street on Tuesday 4/24 from 6-8pm! It should be a really fun time!

Q: Boston women spend a lot of time outside walking and running. What have you noticed about aging of women in Boston due to this?

Sun block is the most important thing for any woman to wear, whether she’s outside walking or going from the house to the car in the winter. UV rays are always present, and the sun is the number one cause of aging (90% of aging is due to the sun). Even in the winter, for those who do NOT go outside (me) UV rays affect your body. The windshield of the car magnifies the sun’s rays. The driver’s side of the aged face always renders more sun damage, as do the hands, which are the two areas of the body which are always exposed in the car.

Q: What do you recommend for them?

  • Always wear sun block, the best type is a physical block (like zinc). SPF represents the number of hours more an “average” person can be in the sun without sun block before burning. If you would burn after 15 minutes and you have an SPF on of 30 you can be in the sun for 450 minutes without reapplying. If it was SPF of 45 you can be in the sun for 675 minutes. That’s a long run. Also, this number only reflects UV A rays and UV B rays are just as dangerous. The FDA will actually be changing the rating system to a star system within the next year or two.
  • Stay OUT of tanning beds. These are more dangerous for you than you can possibly imagine. One ten minute session in a tanning bed is like an entire summer in the Mediterranean sun without sun block.

Q: What do you recommend as the first steps to maintaining a youthful complexion/ healthy skin?

The most important thing is using good products at home, and in order to use the right products, you need to see an aesthetician.

I will let you in on a secret. No matter how much you spend on a product, if you buy it over-the-counter, it is a cosmetic and per FDA regulations, it cannot cross into the dermis, the living layer of skin. Your super expensive cream from Nordstrom’s is just as ineffective as your $40 cream from CVS (which is expensive for something that doesn’t work!).

The only products that actually work are pharmaceutical grade products, because they can cross into the dermis and provide nutrition and change at the cellular level; they fix the physiological cause of skin problems. Pharmaceutical or Cosme-ceutical products can be purchased only from a specially trained esthetician, nurse, or doctor; you cannot buy these products online, just like you cannot purchase pharmaceutical drugs online.

I would consider myself an “expert” informed consumer when it comes to skin care, and I often consult aestheticians on what products and strengths are best for a client. So unless you’re a professional, you probably shouldn’t be doing this with your skincare products. I mean, if your car broke down you wouldn’t go to Auto Zone and say “hey, I need a transmission, and I will install it myself.” And cars come standard! Let me tell you, skin does not. Hormones, nutrition, the weather, certain medications and hydration status are just a FEW examples of things that effect the outward appearance of your skin. Your skin is an organ, and can be a good external indicator of internal imbalances. I think a lot of women forget this and treat skin care as something cosmetic. It’s not. A highly trained aesthetician will put you on a good regiment that your skin individually needs.

Q: How do you know an aesthetician is good?

If they take the time to evaluate your skin, explain what they see, and what they recommend treatments and products based on this

evaluation. Everything should be individualized to your skin, because everyone’s skin is different!

Q: What should a consumer expect to spend on products?

Actually, it’s comparable to over the counter treatments, ranging from $20-$200. I don’t necessarily think expensive is better. My favorite product line is a company called Image – it works, and it’s super affordable (the average product costs the same as your ROC from CVS). I bought four products and spent about $150… then I went home and threw out HUNDREDS of dollars of useless products that were taking up precious Boston real estate. And after my skin was perfect, I threw out hundreds of dollars of make-up I didn’t need.

Q: Do you have a favorite go-to product?

Retin-A! Not only is it great for acne, but is the only product besides sunscreen that is proven to prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Every woman should be on some type of Retinol product. It chemically exfoliates the skin, which acts as a signal to the body to stimulate the cell cycle. New cells at the bottom layer of the dermis are created and older cells are pushed up towards the epidermis where the dead cells reside. Cellular turnover of skin cells is about 30 days, and slows as we age. By exfoliating the skin, cellular turnover improves and dead skin cells don’t build up (which gives a dull look and makes fine lines more visible). Over the counter exfoliants can actual tear the skin, making unable to function as a barrier to germs and infection (i.e. certain types of acne). This product needs to be used carefully, not everyone tolerates the same strength or amount of it, and you need to stay out of the sun when using it.

Laura Kimberley is a Registered Nurse of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a small business owner in the Greater Boston Area. Laura is a Certified Advanced Cosmetic Injector by American Aesthetics Institute and a Member of the American Medical Aesthetic Professionals.  Laura specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques .  She is an accomplished writer and speaker on aesthetics and anti-aging technology. She works with many different organizations and volunteer groups focused on women’s health. Her objective is to provide multifaceted techniques to help women achieve individual beauty goals.

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