Lips, Lips, Lips!

13 Jul

I have a client (who is on tv) who came to me for a lip augmentation. She was shocked when I started asking her questions about her teeth and jaw. She had a slight under-bite and her jaw was slightly mis-aligned. This caused her smile to be slightly slanted. I’ve actually seen this many times. Remember my post about symmetry? A symmetrical face is attractive because it shows good underlying bone structure. In nature, this is a desirable for reproduction because it exhibits good genetics. But now that’s what you have me for. And orthodontists. (I’m cheaper.)

One of the best things about this job is getting to use my artistic abilities!

This from before:

The top lip is very thin, and the left side is slightly higher when she smiles.

After (with a little bruising, which make-up can usually cover—this patient has no make-up on!):


Gotta love the quality. Sorry guys. And the last pic was taken with instagram…. So I assure you, when it comes to lip augmentation, I am the as talented as they come in Boston…but with photography not so much! This patient is very happy and her dissymmetry has been much improved.

Inspired by an Angel

I was interviewed for a blog by Angel Boston. She inspired me to post some pictures of lips. Can you guess which of these are augmented and which are not? The answers are below so don’t scroll too fast! (Stuff like this always amuses me in the Tabloid magazines!)

The answer will shock you.

Or maybe it won’t. But I’ve augmented all these lips. Remember everyone wants a different end result. Not everyone wants their lips to look fake. And everyone starts with a different amount of collagen and shape. And the end result will NEVER be perfection. It is unattainable! Except for Kimber from Nip/Tuck. She’s perfect.

I LOVE lip augmentation. It is so sexy!

Mention my blog and get $100 off lip augmentation with me at Sylvestre Franc Spa in Newton 617-969-2252. But… You can’t combine it with any other offers!


So, as you can tell by my bathing suit I was at the beach… but my awesome beach hair is from this product line called Davines. The product is called #14 Sea Salt Primer. Amazingggg.

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