How to Apply Fake Lashes

16 Jul

I am always having people ask me how to apply fake eyelashes, although it is not a medical procedure to apply them, it does require some skill! I’ve been using fake eyelashes since my club days (circa 2006) and I think I’ve mastered the art of applying them. I also have an extremely steady hand, which makes me talented at injections.

First, even selecting the right lashes can be difficult! There are a million types of lashes, from fun and funky to “natural”. I’m pretty sure you can figure out which ones are the least natural looking… the super long ones at CVS or the pink ones with sparkles at Sephora.

The lashes pictured below give the most natural blend with your real lashes. I recommend these for starters.

So here’s a little picture tutorial on how to use fake eyelashes… without loosing an eye.

Step 1

Do your eye makeup. Eyeshadow and liner, but NO mascara. I LOVE Jane Iredale’s 14k Gold Shadow. With just a little extra black liquid liner on my top lid. (Remember I have my eyeliner tattoo’d. But I still add eyeliner when using false lashes. This helps hide the strip should it not fall perfectly on the lash line.)

I was talking to one of the girls who does my extensions and she was saying she can tell which side people sleep on because their eyelashes get smushed. Which makes sense, because I always have trouble get the strips on my left eye. I’m thinking brushing my real lashes might make applying the strips easier. I will make a mental note to try this.

Step 2

Make a fist. There is a nice flat surface area where the thumb and index finger meet (thank god for pictures… because describing that was painful).








Step 3

Remove the lash from the packaging. Drag it through the glue so the strip is lightly coated. (Sorry, couldn’t take a picture of me dragging the lash through the glue. Unfortunately… I only have two hands!)

Step 4

Apply strip to eye, starting with the outside corner. I have really big eyes, so sometimes the lashes don’t go all the way to my inner eye corner. It’s better to have the lash end toward the inner eye and not the outer eye. …Then you just look silly. You can tell which part of the lash goes to the outer eye… because that side usually has longer lashes. But in case you get confused, the lashes are pacaged so if you hold the box like below… it’s like an arial view of the shape of your lids. See how the lashes are longer on the outside?


Step 5

Repeat steps to the opposite eye.

Step 6

Allow glue to dry on both eyes. Then add a little mascara to blend the fake lashes with your real lashes.

Helpful Hints

  • Practice makes perfect.
  • Don’t sleep with these on. You’ll ruin them. Also, if you do… you may notice your eyes are puffy in the morning. It’s your body telling you not to do this. Remember the job of your real eyelashes is to keep foreign bodies out of your eye. Fake eyelash = foreign body.
  • Don’t over-do it with the glue. Or you will glue the fake lash to your real lash. And then when you remove the fake lash… you’re going to be missing a few real ones as well.
  • Don’t use the strip more than 2 or 3 times. For reasons of foreign bodies. These things get yucky.
  • If you find yourself using lashes more than once a week, do yourself a favor and just go get extensions. In the long run, it will be cheaper.
  • My favorite fun lashes are called “starry” and you can get them at Sally’s Beauty Supply. They turn you into an instant stripper. I mean… sexy.

  • Montage of Crazy Lashes:

Hope you like my old Halloween pictures! I promise I don’t wear crazy lashes every day!

Xoxo, LK.

After fake lashes pic.

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