Spotlight Peel: Lactic/Kojic

4 Oct

Who is this good for?

This pigmentation resurfacing peel is designed to lighten, tighten, and brighten the skin. The lactic/kojic peel is good for people with pigmentation, aging skin, and dry/dehydrated skin. Lactic acid is an AHA exfoliator and Kojic acid is a skin lightener. The Image Lactic/Kojic peel also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients. This treatment is designed to be done in a series of 6 peels every two weeks.


If you’re going to peel, make sure you are Prepping Your Skin for a Peel.

Step 1: Cleanse

(I think I’ve copied and pasted the first 2 steps in like 3 posts…) My skin was cleansed with the Image Ageless Total Facial Cleanser, which contains 12% Glycolic Acid. Glycolic Acid is excellent for exfoliating the skin, leaving it fresher and brighter looking! The Ageless Cleanser is excellent for keeping pores clear and occasional breakouts to a minimum.

Step 2: I-PREP Degreasing Solution (Professional Only Product)

The degreasing solution is applied with gauze to remove as much of the surface oils on the skin as possible. This will allow for the product to evenly and more effectively penetrate the different layers of the epidermis (that’s a fancy word for skin)!

Step 3: Apply Peel Solution (Professional Only)

I decided to be aggressive with my skin (I was breaking out) and did a 20% Salicylic Flash Peel first. This peel solution helps with acne and oil production. It needs to be neutralized very quickly so I was unable to take pictures of it, but you can check them out in this post:  Image Salicylic Flash Peel followed by Glycolic/Retinol Peel.

The peel solution is evenly applied to with face in a circular motion with a cotton swab applicator. The peel is then massaged for 2-7 minutes. It may feel a little tingly, but is very easy to tolerate.

I also didn’t take pictures of this (sorry!) because my face was RED from doing it on top of the Sal Flash (I did two passes). My redness was more from my aggressive combination of salicylic than from the lactic/kojic. I didn’t want to give anyone the wrong idea of what this usually looks like. Typically, this peel doesn’t cause any redness.

Step 4: Remove Solution

The solution is gently removed with facial sponges.

Step 5: Apply Masques

An ultra-gentle, organic cooling gel masque developed for compromised, inflamed or irritated skin. Organic Aloe Vera, Arnica Montana and licorice quickly help reduce redness and other signs of irritation while bringing sensitive skin into healthy balance. Also may used for highly reactive, rosacea or acneic skin types.  It felt soooo good on my skin.  It really soothed the burning from the aggressive salicylic peel.  I left this on for about 20 minutes and washed it off with cold water.

I then applied the hydrating Enzyme masque, which is a great product post peel.  It is 15% l-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which gently sloughs the build up of dead skin cells and injects the skin with essential anti-oxidants.  It contains hyaluronic acid (like Juvederm!) which binds water by 1000x.  I left this product on my face overnight for ultimate hydration.


After the peel the brown spots will get darker, and then shed off in 3-5 days. The skin will be smoother, lighter and on the road to being spot free.

Day 2: The skin at the apple of my cheek and the corners of my mouth is beginning to darken.

Day 2: This is immediately after I washed my face. The skin is very dry and cracking. I think the flash made it look worse than it actually was! Every peel with Image comes with a post-peel kit, which includes the Hydrating Enzyme Masque. I put this on and the Image Max Crème that is also in the post peel kit and my skin looked fine.

A little trick of the trade: After a peel, you should never aggressively exfoliate your face. It could scar (my next post is about scars). If you add sugar to a gentle cleanser like Image Ormedic Cleanser and apply it gently to your face, it will help get rid of the dead skin. I realize I used Splenda. My skin is on a diet.

Day 3: The corners of my mouth are really where I see the Lactic/Kojic working. It is really lifting the pigment in this area. This picture is after washing my face, before applying any of the post treatment products.

Day 3: My skin after applying make-up. You really can’t tell I am peeling. My cheeks look great; the skin looks and feels tight.

A Funny Story

So I just moved in with my boyfriend (he’s so awesome! Yay!) and I left my peel solutions on the counter in the bathroom after I did my peel for this blog. So of course, he’s a guy and uses a bar of soap to wash his face. But knowing how great my skin care stuff is, he decides to try it. He put 2 peel solutions on his face and came downstairs and goes: “how does my skin look, I used your blue bottles.” Thank GOD he only got into the lactic/kojic and another milder peel. And only spilled one bottle of enhancer. My man.

Lesson here is make sure you talk to a professional before using skin care products, because even a good pharmaceutical grade product might not be the right product for your skin. Everyone has different skin and should have an individualized regiment. Lesson two is don’t leave stuff lying around that could burn someone. That’s my bad.

My first thought after ‘thank god he’s ok’ was ‘I wonder if he’s been using my super expensive hair products.’ I thoroughly endorse this line called Davines. It is AWESOME. It’s from Italy, and it’s a family owned company. The bottles are made from recycled plastic (go green!) and are clear because they have nothing to hide! My friend Angel introduced me to the line, and I am in love with it. My diva weave has never looked better (see above)! And I think my skin will be perfect by our housewarming on Saturday (which is why I peeled my skin on Monday). Wish us luck!



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  1. angelboston October 4, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Good Luck on your skin at your party! I’ll try to make it after work either way I’ll have a little something for you new home xo

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  3. GSB October 4, 2012 at 2:38 pm #

    Loving your blog…enjoy the open house!!

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  4. Johnny October 6, 2012 at 8:36 am #

    wow your skin looks awesome. Lactic acid is one of my fav ingredients. When im short on money i just use goats milk or just plain yoghurt as a mask. They contain lactic acid in it my skin is so soft and brighter !! Love your Blog is so informative and awesome!!

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