In Another Dimension…

24 Jun

Lips are the focal point of the lower third of the face. Full, beautiful lips with a well-defined contour have endured as the “ideal” image. Cultural and individual impressions of perfection are then based off this concept. Our culture currently values the sexy, full “Angelina Jolie” style lip, which VERY few people naturally have.

Lip augmentation is very popular amongst all ages of women, whether it is to make a fuller, sexier lip or it’s to restore lost volume due to aging. While some clients want to have a “ducky” result, some want a “pouty” result, and some just want to keep their current look but add a little volume. While it would be great if you could achieve the look you want with filler, some parts of the lip cannot be changed. So what kinds of things can be changed when it comes to the lips? And what can’t?


Dimensional Analysis

It all comes down to math… ick. So basically, the dimensions of anything 3-D are width, height, and depth. And if you multiply all 3 you get the cubic volume (I think… anyways… it’s really irrelevant for this blog post).


This is not a characteristic of lips that can be changed with filler. The width of your lip is the width of your lip. According to research on Clinical Facial Analysis, the average width of an attractive mouth is 50.9mm. I mean… to be specific.

The width of the lips is evaluated along the middle of the pupil line.

  • Large: lip corners extend outside the borders of the pupil
  • Medium: lips end at pupil
  • Small: lip corners are within the border of the pupil

The width of my lips technically is considered small for my face (in my defense though, I have unnaturally large eyes). Here’s a shocker: Julia Roberts has lips of a large width.


The thickness of the lip is measured from the top of the “Cupid’s Bow” to the change in contour of the lower lip.






The thickness of the lip is determined to be thin, medium, thick, or very thick depending on this distance. The height of a lip can be augmented, but subtly, by adding volume.





Many people lack fullness in their lips. Collagen loss and structural changes in the teeth and jaw cause flattening of the lip. But don’t worry, this IS something you can fix with filler. Volume gives the appearance of a “pout” (aka “trout pout”), which most people consider sexy at varying levels.






As you can see from this example (hopefully!) is a little bit of volume and depth in the lower lip, giving the more “pouty” look. By giving this patient volume in the top lip, there is a more defined contour to the border of the lip, which is also considered an attractive quality.

Ready for Augmentation?

If you’re sick of buying lip liner and plumping glosses which don’t deliver the result you want, smudge easily, and don’t last long, lip augmentation may be a good option for you. Achieving a look that is universally attractive and personally desirable can be done with filler. Make sure you have realistic expectations from where you’re starting from and what you expect your end result to be. Not everyone can have Angelina Jolie lips…. or mine 😉 !!!

Remember, no one’s lips are perfectly symmetrical. You can’t change the width of your mouth nor can you change your shape drastically in one sitting (so, as much as you might want to bring a picture and say: “I want to look like this”…. don’t do it!).

Hyaluronic acid products are ideal for lip augmentation (ie. Belotero, Juvéderm, Restylane). NEVER inject a thick product like Radiesse in the lips.

Take pictures of yourself before, that way you can see the difference!

Interested in learning more? Contact me for more information at (508) 309-9233.

2 Responses to “In Another Dimension…”

  1. Jen June 25, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    I just love your posts! They’re so well-written and always very informative. Keep it coming!

  2. Stacie November 4, 2013 at 7:15 pm #

    What do you recommend for vertical lines above the lips? I hate these worse than any other flaws I have. Thanks! Stacie

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