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What to Expect (with your skin) When You’re Expecting

31 Jan

Many people search my blog for information about skin care and what is safe during pregnancy.

I assume maybe half of these searches are women who are using a controversial product prior to your pregnancy confirmation.  If you have been using a product is considered “controversial” (ie Retinols) and found out you were pregnant after the fact, don’t freak out.  There are no valid studies showing it is unsafe.  My OPINION is it is a million times safer than smoking a cigarette.  Stress is much worse for babies!

Here is a little video presentation.  I’m getting much better at them!

On a side note, I had to do a million takes because I kept saying “it’s probably fine.”  I have never been pregnant, but I don’t think I’d like it if someone said “it’s probably fine!”

I promise (in the far future) when I am pregnant I will post my skin and associated dilemma on the safety of Retinol.  It is difficult to give advice on situations I have not experienced!


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