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Make-Up Tips From a Drag Queen

26 Oct



Pictures Pending!  I just couldn’t wait to post this! 

My friend Eric is here with me today to help give some make-up tips.  Because Drag Queens always have the best make-up (AND it’s Halloween!).  So… here’s Eric.




Step 1: Base

Unless your covering facial hair, you don’t need MAC base.  I use it in drag, because that’s what it’s meant for.  Costume make-up.  Hide blemishes and even out your skin to start.  (Laura likes a tinted moisturizer and a mineral make-up if needed.  Because she has no facial hair).  Tinted moisturizer is a good base on your eyes.  Everywhere. And make sure you blend it in where you stop, because leaving a line is so not cute.

Step 2: Countour and brow

First make sure your brows are filled it, but you you might go back to them later.  You don’t want them to look drawn on.  So you can use a brown eyeshadow and an angle brush to give it a natural look.  Or use your hand lightly in quick strokes with a pencil.

Contour is any of your bronzers.  You want to use them darker in the areas of your cheekbones to make them pop more.  If you hate your nose and you want it to look thinner, use bronzer down the sides, but it needs to be blended.

You can also use bronzer to make your cleavage look bigger.  😉  You put your bra on and draw a martini glass shape starting from your cleavage over your breasts. And make sure you BLEND.

Step 3: Eyes

Never use one color.  In drag world we call that a garage door, and that’s hideous.  For those of you who have NO idea how to use make-up, a highlight is the lightest color you’re going to use on your eyes.  I always start with my highlight (the area under your eyebrow) and put it alllllll the way down on the lid everywhere because it makes it easier to blend everything in the end (thank you Khloe Glamoure for teaching me that).  The darker shade goes on your will go on your lid up to the crease.  Follow the crease of your eye to the highest point, and then stop following and go straight so it kinda makes a wing.  This is really hard to do with out describing and I think we’ll add pictures.  Executive Decision.

Then clean your brush and BLEND with light circular motions into the lighter color.

Step 4: A nice tinted gloss

Do not use lip liner, unless you blend the life out of it.  BLEND BLEND BLEND.  Actually, no, just don’t use it.  Use a nice tinted gloss.  Remember the goal is not to look like your from Jerseylicious.  Because that’s just vomalicious.

**In conclusion, the most important word I can teach you ladies is BLEND.

Thanks, love and kisses,

Bianca K.

Randolf Country Club every Friday Night, show at 11. 


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