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Step 2: Spend wisely

13 Oct

If  you are going to take my advice to see an aesthetician, expect that you will leave with a few products as well.  But how will you know your making a good investment?

  • Expect to need 2 or 3 products.  No one needs 20 products in their medicine cabinet.  Learning how to use more than 2-3 products is overwhelming.  You should not feel this way!
  • The products should be either pharmaceutical or cosmeceutical grade (see definition below).
  • The product was explained to you.  The ingredients were explained to you.  Why you need it was explained to you.  (Can you tell I’m a fan of education yet?)
  • Although you might see change right away, it could take a few weeks to see the difference (skin cell turnover rate is about 3 weeks).
  • Skin care is a step program, and your products should treat the current state of your skin.

What’s wrong with your old products? 

Did you know anything you buy over the counter, whether it’s $7 at CVS or $350 at Chanel, is only FDA approved to work on the top layer of skin.  The top layer of skin is dead skin cells.  That’s why your moisturizer feels so good when you put it on, and 5 minutes later… meh

Math that Women Like:

Throw out the thousands of dollars of products that are just taking up cabinet space, and replace them with 3 or 4 that your aesthician recommends.

After about 2 weeks you can throw out another thousand dollars of make-up that doesn’t match your skin tone, gets cakey, and makes you look older.

True, a little pricey to start, but you just threw out $2,000 of products that are not doing anything for you.  It’s an investment, your face is worth it, and look how much money you’ll save on crap in the future!

Cosmeceuticals:  Definition: (noun) a hybrid word “Cosmetic” (smells pretty, feels nice) and “Pharmaceutical” (drug).  A group of skin care products that work in the dermal level of skin, where all the physiological processes take place.

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