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Great Gifts for the Women in Your Life

7 Dec
Having a hard time finding the perfect gift?  Here’s a few things every female fancies (you can’t go wrong)! 
Gift Certificates For:
  • a manicure/pedicure ($15-$50)
  • a facial ($45-$150)
  • Her Favorite Hair Salon (be sure not to get just ANY salon)
  • a massage ($60-$100)
  • a day at the Spa
  • A nice robe/winter gloves/hat/scarf.  We all wear them… we can always use a new one.

A Little More Thoughtful:

  • A New Flat Iron (some good names: GHD, CHI, and BaByliss) ($150-$350)
  • Magnetic nail polish (from Nails Inc.)
  • Good Shampoo (like Matrix $13-$22/bottle)
  • a subscription to New Beauty Magazine (www.newbeauty.com) LOVE IT! $9.99/issue
  • NARS Turkish Delight Lip Gloss–looks good on literally everyone (Sephora $22)
  • Along the lines of Sephora (which is at every mall) there are some really cool, easy gifts in there.  My friend Allegra told me she wants some vibrating lip gloss (I have no idea WHY it vibrates)… and they have sample kits of things like “mascara’s” and “lip glosses.”
  • New Make-up Brushes (check out Sephora again)
  • Jewelry- but beware– jewelry is a very personalized gift.  Diamonds and pearls are always classy… but is she a diamond girl?  bling bling? or more subtle? like classy pearls?  Does she usually wear gold? or silver?  I once broke up with a guy who bought me aquamarines for an anniversary gift (not because I’m shallow, but because after dating someone for a year, you should know what kind of jewelry that person wears.  I realized it was a dead end relationship.)
  • Lululemon.  For your sporty chick.  (Has anyone seen the commercial where the chick is talking all about why she wears yoga clothes–she bikes, she does yoga, she hits the gym– and then she says “Who am I kidding, I wear Yoga pants because I’m lazy” ahahaha)

Just So You Know…

Bags–A crash course

  • Dooney and Bourke (otherwise known as D&B) $$
  • Coach $$$
  • Chanel/Gucci/Burberry/Louis Vuitton $$$$$$$$$

Don’t even think about buying her shoes. — however the book “100 Shoes: the Costume Institute/the Metropolitan Museum of Art” with intro by Sarah Jessica Parker… that’s a great gift!

100 Shoes: The Costume Institute / The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ask a Chick!

My friend Megan swears by “asking Steph at Nordstrom’s in Natick;” all you need is a size and she can style you up (remember to check the tag of your girls clothes… and also keep in mind every brand is different, confusing and annoying–yea we know!).  If you can’t make it to Natick, that’s ok.  A lot of the high end stores have staff that are MORE than helpful.  I know you don’t like to ask for directions… but the perfect gift can gift is the gift that keeps on giving… when the kids are sleeping.  Just never NEVER mention that the chick at the desk was cute.  In any way. Ever.

Wrap It Up. 

Gifts should come in an exciting box.  You’ve heard this saying before.  Wrap it up.  In something nice.

Lovely Lashes!

31 Oct

Eyes are the window to the soul, and lashes are the curtains, brows are the valances (sometimes I take analogies too far).  This blog is about how to get the best lashes for your windows ;).

Mascara cost $7-$20

I read a long long time ago in Seventeen Magazine that even if you’re going to be an au natural girl, you should still wear mascara.  It makes a huge difference!  My favorite mascara is Maybelline Great Lash.  The pink tube with the green top.  It doesn’t clump and is about $7.  Other than that, I have no opinion on mascara.  Any suggestions?

Strip Lashes cost $5-$20

I am not going to lie… I love strip lashes!  I have mastered the art of applying the lash.  the secret is to put the glue on the back of your hand (very small amount like the size of a pea) and dip the lash strip in it lightly.  Less glue the better.  Apply lashes to lids as close to the natural lash line as possible.  I’ve found it’s hard to get the ends to keep the glue (might just be because I have HUGE eyes) so I take a bobby pin, unfold it, and dip that in the glue and get the ends of the lashes.  Then apply mascara to blend the fake lashes with your real lashes.  The downside to fake lashes, they pull out the real ones when you take them off.  Not for everyday use!  If you’re going out for a big party, i.e. New Year’s or Halloween, check out the lashes at Sally’s Beauty Supply store.  They have a pair called “starry eyes” they look AMAZING on and are $5.  More expensive event lashes can be found at Sephora.

Lash Growing Mascara cost $50-$120

Lisa, the owner of one of my spa locations, swears by Rapid-Lash.  I have seen a difference in her lashes, and her product retails for $50, as for spending $120 for RevitaLash, I’d rather spend it on Latisse!  …I have a preference for more medical grade products though!  I think these products are good if you would like just a little natural looking extra growth.  Remember it’s personal perception!

Latisse $80-$120

Latisse is a pharmaceutical product and requires a prescription.  I have used this product and I love it.  It takes 8-12 weeks of applying the product to the lash line every night and 16 weeks to see the full effect of the product.  It’s a commitment, and the wands wind up everywhere, but I think it’s the best way to lengthen lashes with a natural look.  Will it turn the color of your eyes?  It’s unlikely.  The product was originally used to treat increased intraoccular pressure, where it was instilled directly into the eye.  To grow your lashes, it is put on the base of the lash, not into the eye.  If you put it in your eye you’re doing it wrong 🙂  **trick of the trade** turn the cap upsidedown and use one drop of Latisse and one brush–this will double the usage of your Latisse! **trick number 2** if you have areas of your eyebrows that won’t grow, you can use Latisse there as well.  I have a lot of patients who have last hair in their brows from cancer treatments, and have had great results with Latisse.

Eyelash Extensions $250-$350 plus $50-$75 for a fill

I personally was just turned back on to these.  Although I love artificial products, I like a natural look, and I was unaware until recently that you could achieve this with extensions.  It took about an hour and a half.  First she taped the bottom lashes to isolate the top ones.  I had to keep my eyes closed the whole time (because surgical glue in the eye leads to a trip to Mass Eye and Ear!).  I couldn’t talk (a very difficult task for me!) because it would loosen the tape.  During the procedure she also did lash dipping (different from lash tinting) to darken my blonder lashes.  I would recommend doing this treatment before the holidays.  You’re suppose to try to keep the lashes dry.  Let’s see if I can keep up with the maintenance!

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