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Hair Products by Angel Boston

2 Jan

Hair products are some of the most important products a woman should own. There are a few things you can’t be cheap on – good make up, botox, lingerie and hair products.  Products in the drug stores are cheap in every meaning of the word “cheap.”  The shampoos will strip your color making your hair color fade faster and the conditioners will build up product junk on your hair.  I strongly suggest you ask your stylist for recommendations. Most salons give a minimal commission percentage or none at all which means your stylist will recommend a good product without trying to rip you off.  Most salons carry high end and lower end products as well, to appeal to all aspect of their clients. Not everyone wants to buy a $45 dollar bottle of shampoo. Big names in the hair care industry are Kérastase, Wella, L’Oreal, Goldwell, Matrix, Redken. Although these are big names it doesn’t always mean they would be the best for you. If you go to the hairdresser and you get your hair color or highlighted, it’s extremely important you use a salon sold shampoo and conditioner. Why spend money on coloring your hair and not spend money on taking care of your color you just had done?

Styling products

If you have thin, fine hair or thick, medium-course hair, it can make the world of difference when styling your hair. Finding a product that works best for you can be discouraging, but don’t give up. Ask your friends that have similar hair to yours for recommendations.

Everyone who blow drys, flat irons or curls their hair should use some sort of heat protection. Different brands make different versions, and I suggest looking for a “thermal” heat protection spray. Make sure its dry before flat ironing or curling it you don’t want to burn your hair.

If you have frizzy hair, the density of your hair determines what you should use. Fine to normal hair with frizz you might want to use light spray or a light smoothing cream. Either way, you’re going to have to blowdry your hair to help smooth the frizz down.  While blow drying, don’t be a wild woman.  Take a paddle brush and have the air blowdry in one direction. The direction of the brush going down your hair. It’s always good if you can use the products your stylists are using; they can give you recommendations on how to work the product for your hair.

 Where you buy your products matters.

Now when you see products inside TJ MAX, Marshalls, Ocean State Job Lot and even name brands inside of CVS there is a reason. Hair care products have an expiration date, like everything else if it sits on the shelf for so long is it still good? Name brand hair care companies will sell to discount stores if product has been sitting in the warehouse for too long. Distributors of products could sell it to the discount stores too if they find it sitting their the warehouse.  At any point in time, the company can make the choice to sell the product to discount stores.  Why you ask?  The answer is to make money. Just because you find Kérastase at your local CVS doesn’t mean the brand is less good then before you saw it there, it only means the that product inside CVS might be expired or was damaged in some way. You can’t put your full trust into the products and expect the same results as if you bought them inside a salon. If you’re interested in trying them go right ahead the likeliness of your hair burning off and falling out from using an expired product is less but just know… cheap products are NOT good for your hair.

Switch it up, and Share.

Last of all don’t marry a product. It’s good to switch between different brands of shampoo, conditioners and styling products. This way you hair will not get used to the product and stop working. It’s good to experiment with products, borrow your girlfriends products and let her borrow yours. You might find that some of your friends have extreme hair regiment, others might not. If you need help you can always turn to youtube many people have posted how to style hair better, using products. Its all a matter of finding what works best for you.

Good luck and remember there is never an excuse for bad hair unless he made you breakfast in bed 😉
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