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A Night of Beauty in Brookline

12 Mar

“Love of beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is Art”

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’m a huge fan of beauty (I have good taste) and I’m also a huge fan of art (I consider myself something of a modern artist). I like to be surrounded by beautiful things. Art. My mother bought me my first piece of art when I opened my first office. A mask made of leather, half smooth and beautiful, half in desperate need of Botox. This gift was a representation of success to me. Money is such an intangible possession. But art. That’s something to be proud of.

A close friend of mine, Orna Kasif, invited me to an art show this weekend. A chance to wear a cocktail dress and support local artists? Sold. (See fancy picture above!).

I think the artist I was most impressed by was Rachel Shatil. Her medium was masking tape. Proving my theory that you can make anything into something beautiful—with the right artist!

Here, Orna is explaining this piece is a portrayal of what is happening to Holocaust survivors.

The highlight of the night was composer/filmmaker iLan Azoulai’s sneak preview of his upcoming documentary and a discussion: “Israel combating modern-day slavery.” It was a documentary on sex trafficking in Israel. Very cutting edge, very shocking, very informative.

I don’t know if it’s me, or my age group (*cough 30-ish*), or our society as a whole, but I found this documentary a shocking tribute of how ignorant I am to the problems of the world (and I listen to NPR…). I remember in college my friend going to Virginia to help people in the hills without running water. I had no idea places like that existed in the United States. And I had no idea the severity of sex trafficking in places that are considered “First World” countries, like Israel. It really made me wonder if things like this happen here, in our own backyards.

As much as I may joke about the beauty of ignorance, it is not something I ever wish to be (I believe I noted in another post that I have a tattoo “A Beautiful Little Fool” in reference to The Great Gatsby). I would like to think that I do a lot to help women, by making them feel good about themselves on the outside, so they may empower themselves within. Even in our own country, woman’s rights are constantly threatened (Roe v. Wade especially). In some places, women don’t have the rights to their own bodies and this is a serious issue. I hope everyone who reads this will check out this documentary. I’m sure donations can be made to this cause through Orna. The website is http://www.israeliartistsexhibit.com/. (Or… maybe someone will leave a comment on how to do this???) Also, I hope this post makes it to the Hipsters of Allston. Your parents pay for college. Stop whining. And your pants are too tight.

I would also like to send my sincere congratulations to Orna, an amazing Boston Business Woman, who did an amazing job putting this art show together! The turn-out was fantastic, and my friends and I all had a great time! (Also thanks for serving my fav wine, two buck chuck!)

This being such a serious post, I’d like to make fun of Allston one more time. I stole this from Facebook. (For those of you who don’t know… Allston is where all the Hipster kids live. I avoid it at all costs… Hipsters… yuck.)

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