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Restylane Silk for Aging Lips

12 Apr


A New Addition to the Restylane Family

Restylane Silk is now FDA approved for submucosal implantation for lip augmentation and dermal implantation for correction of perioral rhytids (smoker’s lines) and it is currently available on the US market.   This product provides a subtle solution to aging signs around the lip and mouth area.  It’s greatest quality is subtle enhancement; your lips will not look “done” or “artificial.”  


Hyaluronic Acid for Lip Augmentation

Although Restylane Silk is the first product to be FDA approved for lips, we have been using other products for years.  Juvederm and Restylane are commonly used to augment the lips in an “off-label” treatment (FDA approval costs millions of dollars and takes many years.  These products are all very safe to inject in the lips by a trained professional).  

These products, along with Belotero, are all in the hyaluronic acid family.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a sugar your body naturally produces; these products are synthetic gels.  Because your body naturally makes this sugar, the chances of being allergic are almost zero.  This family of products IS reversible, if for any reason, you are unhappy with the results.

The molecular structure of Silk is smaller, and the product flows to where it is needed.  It doesn’t over bulk, and is a perfect finishing agent for fine lines.  

Which product is best is really dependent on who the client is, and what result they want.  If you are looking for subtle and natural lip augmentation, Restylane Silk is the product for you!  

My Experience 

At the beginning of March, I was told this product would be available and I was so excited to try it.  Lip augmentation has always been a specialty of mine, and I was told “I would love this product for the vermillion border” (where the color changes from pink to skin-toned).  


I was excited to try it, but my idea of an “ideal” client for this product was way off!  I first tried it on a 24 year-old patient.  She (and I for that matter) were not impressed, it looked like nothing was done.  Then I realized I was supposed to be using it for a whole different population of client.  The older patient who didn’t want to look like anything was done!   Oops… Probably should have read the email about the product FIRST. 

So then I tried it on an employee in her 50’s.  The results blew me away!  Like always, the pictures do the results no justice.   

The final result is very natural looking.  It is hard to see from the picture, but the before has a defined ridge above the lip, which is SO much improved with the Silk injections.  (The spray tan and make-up can throw you off in the after pictures.) 

The technique used to inject this product is VERY different than previous products used to treat lips.  If incorrectly injected, the product will not give you the best results, cause swelling, and has been reported as painful by patients.  This product requires the knowledge and expertise of a skilled injector.  

I had a few clients trial the product (including my awesome mom!).  They sent me their after pictures via text.  Again, not the greatest quality pictures, but every client was extremely happy with the results and gave great feedback.  (Thank you ladies!). 


Final Thoughts

Because the typical Silk client is older, make sure you consider timing in booking an appointment for this procedure.  Like any injectable product, swelling and bruising are always a possibility.  You want to avoid icing post-procedure to allow the product to smoothly integrate into the tissue.  If you have a big meeting at work the next day, you probably should reschedule (…the meeting OBVIOUSLY!  Who wants to wait for such amazing results!  Plus, then the meeting will go better with your new confidence!).   

How long will a bruise last?  Remember everyone is different.  Some people don’t bruise at all.  Check out my blog on bruising info.  

Other Uses

I read Silk was also a fabulous filler to use in the glabellar crease… Blog post coming soon!   

For questions or to book an appointment with me, call my office at 781-235-4957.  You can also book online at http://www.LauraKimberleyRN.com.  

Self-Worth Dysmorphic Disorder

19 Jan
**Disclaimer: not an actual diagnosable disease. 
Even though 9/10 women suffer from it.

It’s the New Year.  Time to purge some bad habits.

I’ve talked about Body Dysmorphic Disorder, which is something I see in a very small percent of my clients (like <1%), interesting subject, no doubt.  Seeing something distorted in the mirror that isn’t what is actually there.  But what about NOT seeing something in the mirror that IS actually there?  Is there a term for that?  (delusional? blind? 99% of women?)

Patti is looking good!

I’m obsessed with reading and statistics, because I’m a dork and I don’t have cable.  ANYWAYS.  One of my clients brought me a book that I am already inspired by.  Become Your Own Matchmaker by none-other-than The Great Patti Stanger (of Millionaire Matchmaker.  Who doesn’t LOVE that show?).   I’m also in the process of reading “Know Your Worth.”  So I’d like to pass on some powerful tips.

It’s time to empower yourself to be the beautiful you you should see in the mirror.

Patti had me write a few lists.  Take her advice.  Write lists.

Patti encouraged me to make a list of their interesting qualities.  Let’s see the things I’ve liked about the last 5 guys I’ve seriously dated are:  they love animals (me too!), are tall, educated, driven, powerful, social, and treat me like the princess I am.  And I quote my college boyfriend:

“You are such a f*$#%ing Princess.” 

Yes, I can be a princess, no doubt.  I want what I want when I want it.  But I am willing to do what it takes to reach my goals.  I wouldn’t be where I am if I didn’t.  So set some goals people!  Successful people have written goals and written steps it will take to achieve them.

Patti had me write another list.  10 things that make me happy.  You know what the first thing on that list was?  Me.  I make me happy.  I’m an honest, hard-working, trustworthy, reliable, strong, independent, educated, and  a sassy young woman.  Who I am inside makes me happy.  And yes, I have a pretty face.  I say this because I am happy being me, and I truly believe how you look effects how you feel about yourself.  Confidence is the sexiest quality anyone can have.  Don’t focus on your flaws.  Fix them. 

Know Your Worth.

I’m worth 3 houses on the Cape, a new Mercedes, and some hot Louboutins.  But, unfortunately, I spent my dowry on my start-up.  That doesn’t make me think any less of myself though!  I know if someone doesn’t treat me with the respect and decency I deserve, it’s see ya lata.  You should feel the same way about yourself.   If you don’t, I suggest you befriend a gay man.  Because he will tell you how awesome you are everyday (and that’s what a man should do!).

...unfortunately not my boyfriend.

Beauty does start inside.

But don’t forget the The Halo Effect.

I’d also like to paraphrase Patti here.  “The women of the east coast are brilliant.  If only they can learn what Botox is.”  Take care of how you look, because in the end, you might loose your mind… but you’ll never loose your face!  (Is that funny?  I think so…)

Don’t worry Patti!  I’m here to help. 

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